“The Man Up Show” – Our Uncensored Opinion of Red Pill – White Knight Narcissists (with Steve Mayeda)

In this episode, David Tian and Steve Mayeda analyze the codependent, covert, White Knight Narcissism in the Red Pill; point out the fear and insecurity driving their tactics and principles; highlight the emotional stuntedness of the Red Pill, plus much more. The main object of analysis is Rollo Tomassi’s book, “The Rational Male.”

For any man looking to grow out of the White Knight Narcissism of the Red Pill, this breakdown of the White Knight Syndrome and Nice Guys is a must-study:

… as well as this 4-part video series, which is exactly right for you:

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“The Man Up Show” Ep.243 – Our Uncensored Opinion of Red Pill – White Knight Narcissists (with Steve Mayeda) Shownotes

6:30 Why are we interested in Rollo Tomassi’s book The Rational Male?

10:50 What is White Knight Syndrome?

15:07 What is Compensatory Narcissism?

21:26 What is the type of man who consistently sacrifices for women?

24:15 What you won’t hear from Red Pill guys

31:27 What sacrifice and compromise imply about your relationship

36:27 Do women have an inborn and irresistible impulse to switch off their emotions?

41:13 Why “sexual market value” (SMV) is a flawed concept

44:53 This is why the wife of a Red Pill guy will be unhappy

49:34 What makes a person sexually attractive?

53:55 The list of things Codependent Narcissists use to bargain and earn affection, attention, and attraction

57:08 What’s actually behind the Red Pill tactics and principles

1:04:00 Why Red Pill prevent men from receiving or giving love

1:07:14 What are the underlying problems with the Iron Rules of Tomassi?

1:12:28 Can Red Pill guys experience real love?

1:19:07 When “control” becomes a bad word

1:25:22 What the Red Pill can’t understand

1:27:17 This is what you should do if you want happiness to last

1:27:59 What is an immature masculine like?

1:30:56 How the Red Pill commits a solipsistic fallacy

1:31:30 What Steve Mayeda thinks about the Red Pill

1:34:59 What David Tian thinks about the Red Pill

1:38:36 What’s wrong with trying to be an “Alpha”