Singapore Dating Coach David Tian, Ph.D., Interviews Alumnus Lion, Episode 4, Part 1

April 26, 2012

Inside the Players’ Lounge, Episode 4, Part 1: Interview with Lion

This episode touches on a favorite topic of mine: That the qualities that many Asians mistakenly take to be “Asian thought” or “Asian culture” or “Asian philosophy” are actually not at all what elite Asians throughout history have believed or how they have behaved.

In this interview, I chat with alumnus Lion, who first got coaching from me when he was just an 18 yo. He was raised and educated in elite settings in Singapore, went on to become director of multiple branches of a multinational financial firm, and is now taking his degree at Oxford University.

Some of the lessons you’ll learn in this interview include…

* The confessions of a young Singaporean man about how his elite upbringing and education enabled him to see the world differently from the average guy and how this helped him succeed in life

* The secret of Asian and Singapore elites in getting and staying ahead in society and why Confucius would agree with them

* How you can use this elite secret to succeed in life and love, especially in Asia

* Why losers think, “I really should do this but I”m not going to start until I can devote all my time to it,” why this is horrible thinking, and how winners approach life differently.

“Inside the Players’ Lounge” is a series of interviews of top dating coaches and social artists who are Asian, are based in Asia, or have a deep interest in Asia and its women.

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