3 Essential Tips to make New Year’s Eve 2013 the Best. Night. Ever. (Part 1 of 3)

December 27, 2013

As you know, in 5 days, it will be New Year’s Eve. For many reasons, this is the biggest party night of the year, and the best night to meet amazing women. Girls who don’t usually go out will be out, and just like you- they want to make that night memorable. There’s a big chance cute girls will be looking to kiss you when the clock strikes 12. You wouldn’t want to pass that up, would you? Today and in the next two days we will be mailing you 3 Tips – essential tips- to make sure you have great time this NYE.

Here’s tip #1: Switch it ON.

Turn Her On

First of all…. you’re going out.. right? I always tell my students this… get the heck out! It’s great that you’re reading this. But reading this and not going out isn’t going to do anything for you. Ok? Now let’s continue….

More experienced guys are “always on”. But if you’re just getting started, you have to switch on. What do I mean?  It’s totally normal and not lame to get yourself in the right frame of mind when you’re just starting out. In fact it’s crucial.

Have you ever found yourself 3 hours into your night at a club, not knowing who to talk to, what to talk about, what to say? That’s a night that never got started. 3 hours spent looking lost. A night where you’re clutching your beer like it’s your only friend, and the moment it runs out, you frantically run to the bar so you don’t look idle. Then you continue to make rounds through the club,scoping the place never really making any connections, any new friends, or having any real fun. Your best conversations happened in your mind, and a lot of it sounded like struggling. In other words- getting a girl is totally out of the question. Now how did this evening begin? It began by entering the place switched OFF.

How to Start a Convo 

Here’s how to “switch on”.

  1. Don’t overbuild it.
    Yes we are telling you NYE is an amazing chance to meet someone. But don’t go in there saying creepy things like, “I’m gonna pick up a girl.” No. You’re going in there to have a ton of fun and to party like it’s the last day of the year! Don’t make promises to yourself like, “No matter what, I will make sure I come home with someone.” Don’t let your heart pound, and let the primitive parts of our brain have a reason to be nervous. In many ways it’s just another night.. to party! Don’t be all needy, or attached to a certain outcome. Act like you don’t give a s**t. That’s right. Why? Because you rock. Now believe it.
  2. Chat Early and Often. 
    Get out there and just start chatting. Chat with anyone. Chat as quickly as you can. And, ideally, do this before you arrive at the venue. Chat with girls, guys, “cool people” and “everyone else.” This allows the social parts of your brain to start firing. You’re settling in, you’re getting comfortable, and this is VERY important if you want the rest of the night to play out well. It’s also great for Social Proof, but that’s for the next blog post.

Do not scope the place. Don’t walk around aimlessly with your drink. Have fun IMMEDIATELY! Don’t run to the restroom. Don’t be looking for pretty girls. Don’t do anything except have fun now. The moment you step into the place your only job is to have fun. It’s New Year’s Eve and the party has just arrived-YOU.

If you’re set on one thing- having fun, and making others have fun- you’re switched ON, and you’re on your way.

Stay tuned for TIP #2.

Oh, one more thing…

This December 30 we are gonna have another one-day sale. We did that for Christmas and if you missed it, here’s your last chance to save $1,000. Stay tuned for that.

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