Singapore “Dating Coaches” and Aura Dating Academy: An Experience

May 11, 2012

* The following is a true story, which took place in Singapore *

A couple years ago, Michael Tan, a 27-year old Singaporean engineer realized he needed help with women. He had had girlfriends before—two of them—one during his JC years and another during his uni days. Neither of those girls were what he considered “ideal,” but anyway, they had dumped him. Now single for over two years and working in a small engineering firm, he had no idea how to meet new women outside his increasingly smaller social circle and no clue how to approach the attractive women he did see.

He had read in the papers about a guy who had “snagged 30 women in 2 months”–Singapore’s Hitch–a lifestyle consultant who was teaching men in Singapore how to be better with women and relationships. Michael had been both offended and intrigued. But when he finally got around to checking out the guy’s website, he saw that the man was no longer offering coaching. But from reading some of the blog articles, he found out that there was a whole community of guys learning the science and art of attraction and dating. He hoped maybe they could help him.

A few weeks later, he read the whole of Neil Strauss’s New York Times-bestselling book, The Game but was highly skeptical that any of those lines would work in Singapore and doubted any of it was actually true. He also found an e-book called Double Your Dating, which taught him to be a jerk so girls would like him. He tried it a few times on the girls at work, and it totally backfired.

He had a couple friends from uni days who went clubbing regularly, and he thought he should try to be more social, so he joined them on a couple weekends at Zouk and Butter Factory. He didn’t like to drink much. He didn’t know how to dance. And he thought it was much too loud to talk to anybody. To top it all off, he got the feeling that his friends thought he was a real drag, too. So after that, he just stopped going.

Still depressed about his social life, he…

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