Singapore Dating Coach David Tian, Ph.D., Interviews Richard La Ruina of PUA Training: “Inside the Players’ Lounge,” Episode 7, Parts 1-4

June 03, 2012

It was a real pleasure interviewing Richard when he visited Singapore and the Academy last month.

I don’t like “pick up artists,”

but although Richard directs a company called PUA Training, he’s entirely an upstanding guy, grounded and wholesome, and the sort of guy you’d be comfortable introducing to your mom or sister.

Like some of the other coaches featured in this series, he’s associated with a company that markets itself as offering “pick up” skills training, but he himself is no longer concerned with picking up women, but rather about improving his long-term relationships, his overall lifestyle, and especially lately, boxing and MMA ?

Inside the Players’ Lounge is a series of interviews of top dating coaches and social artists who are Asian, are based in Asia, or have a deep interest in Asia and its women.

In this episode, I interview Richard La Ruina (Gambler), head of PUA Training, the most prominent dating skills company in the UK.

Richard La Ruina is the author of The Natural Art of Seduction which made the best sellers list, and has been featured on programs for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and plays himself in the upcoming film We Need to Talk About Kieran. He has personally led over 120 weekend training events, trained over 100 Residential students, and been a guest speaker at many seduction conferences throughout the world. Visit the PUA Training site here.

Some of the lessons you’ll learn in this 1st part of the interview include…

* Learn how a depressed, unhappy, insecure guy who was bullied and got bad grades in school turned himself into the director of one of the top dating skills companies in the world, PUA Training

* How moving to a different city can help you improve your dating success, and how to get almost all the same advantages while remaining in your home city

* How having flatmates can accelerate your dating success

* What two of the top dating coaches in the world think of “pick up artists” and the “PUA movement”


Some of the lessons you’ll learn in this 2nd part of the interview include…

Places to Meet Women

* How you can use overseas travel to improve your dating and social skills

* Whether money makes a difference when it comes to dating women in Singapore or elsewhere in the world, and how YOU can get many of the same benefits and advantages even if you don’t have much money

* What’s the ONE most valuable thing a man can have in the dating world… and it doesn’t cost a penny.

* How you can make your life more exciting and adventurous and the mindset change that will give you that sexy “bad boy” factor that many women find irresistible


Some of the lessons you’ll learn in this part of the 3rd interview include…

Dating Tips for Men

* What is unique or different about dating in Singapore versus dating in the UK or the USA, and why it’s important to understand these

* Whether talking about sex is taboo in Singapore, and how this can affect your dating life

* How you can learn dating success from Hollywood heart throbs


Some of the lessons you’ll learn in this part of the interview include…

* How to use your Facebook profile to help your dating success

* How to have a happy, fulfilling, successful long-term relationship even when you’ve lived like a player for many years

* Whether sleeping with more women can truly bring you happiness