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Inside the Players’ Lounge” is a series of interviews of top dating coaches and social artists who are Asian, are based in Asia, or have a deep interest in Asia and its women.

In this episode, David Tian, Ph.D., Executive Director of Aura Dating Academy in Singapore, interviews another of the world’s top Asian dating coaches, Bonsai of Love Systems.

Some of the many lessons you’ll learn in this part include:

* What to do about your dating and sex life if you still live at home with mom and dad

* The exact steps for taking your girl back to your bedroom or hotel using smooth transitions

* The one essential factor to getting your girl to go home with you… mess up this one thing, and your chances with her on that date go down the drain

* How Asian men can develop their sexual confidence even if they’re still virgins

… and much more

This part of the interview will be of special interest to those raised or living in Singapore.

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