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This interview was great fun! I’ve been a fan of Stephen Nash since back in the day. He was living at Project Hollywood with Style and the others and featured in Neil Strauss’s best-selling book, The Game. Since then, he’s gotten happily married and evolved into a superb life coach!

It was a real joy to kick back and discuss life and the journey of becoming a mature man.

Some of the topics we cover include…

  • Why neediness and becoming internally validated are the foundations of becoming attractive to women, and how to achieve those
  • Building real and enduring confidence
  • How to develop and harness the warrior within you
  • My adventures with gangsters and brothels (you’ll love this one!)
  • The value of truly testing your limits and seeking your real edge
  • High level “qualifying” using social media, Tinder, and other modern technology, so the women you want chase you
  • + more…

Check it out here:

David Tian Interview With Stephen Nash: Buddha, Brothels, and Becoming A Man<<<

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