3 Essential Tips to make New Year’s Eve 2013 the Best. Night. Ever. (Part 3 of 3)

December 28, 2014

Hey Friend it’s me again, with another NYE tip.

We’ve been getting a few hundred likes on each of the first two tips, so that tells me you guys are really digging this stuff and looking forward to a memorable New Year’s. That’s awesome.

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Speaking of preparation, this third tip is all about that.

Essential NYE Tip #3: Major Prep.

How to Turn a Girl on with Touch

This third and last tip is a big one, and we’ll tackle it in two parts. But let me just tell you that all three of these tips- in summary is about preparation. In tip #1 we talked about switching on and preparing yourself mentally and emotionally. We told you to get your social muscles working, come into the club or party already having fun.

In both Tip 1 and Tip 2 we discussed the importance of being social from the get go, and building momentum from there. We told you that the Social Proof this creates prepares the girls and helps them form the correct opinion about you so that when you do approach them, they’ll be- prepped.

You see now that it’s all about the build-up. In your favorite movie or story you remember the climax, or the part with all the action… but that part wouldn’t be great at all if it weren’t for the build-up leading to it. I could talk for days about storylines and the psychological side of this thing we’re calling “build-up”, but for now I just want to introduce this concept to you.

That way- instead of just thinking about that perfect New Year’s Eve kiss, you’ll be thinking of the moments leading to it- and after it, and you’ll be totally ready the entire evening. Here are two ways to apply this idea of Prep.

First: Prep the Kiss with Touch

We said talk early and often. Guess what? The same goes for Touch. Touch early and often. You may not be a touchy guy, and you may not find it comfortable. But, my friend, you better start getting comfortable with the idea now.

Why is it important to touch early, and often? Because you won’t get to that kiss out of nowhere! It’s pretty creepy for her if you have your hands all to yourself the entire evening, and then suddenly you begin to go for that kiss out of the blue. No. It doesn’t play out that way. You have to lead up to it.

Did she say something you like? Touch her on the elbow. Introducing her to someone? Put your arm around her and gently bring her closer to that person. Even if it’s just high-fives at first, it’s ok. Platonic touching throughout the night is fine, as long as you break the Touch Barrier early.

It will be crowded and if you are walking around, be the gentleman and lead her. You can walk by her side and guide her gently with a hand on her back, or on her waist (or on her hip- depending on how you’ve been doing). Or you can walk ahead of her, pushing the crowd and holding her by the hand. Find some ways in your conversation to make “excuses” to touch her.

Briefly touch her chin, her hair, her knee, make her sit on your lap, etc… Start with little things and build up from there (we have entire courses on this subject of Physical Escalation and cover it very thoroughly with our students enrolled in the 1-year program). The point is, you need to prep her.

How to Touch a Girl to Turn Her On

Remember: touch is not something she’s doing for you. You’re doing it for her. See your touch as something valuable and reward her with it. If she shows you signs of awkwardness, pull back a little and withdraw your attention briefly. But start again with light touching. If you’re comfortable with touching her and act like it, she will respond in the same way.

Second: Prep the After-Party

The other way you need to be prepared on NYE is in the area of logistics. If you do get to that first kiss, what then? You can’t ask her what she wants to do, and you can’t waste time trying to pluck that idea out of thin air.

Be the man with a plan. In other words, plan the after-party. Where will you take her? Will you have a car or mode of transport? It’s New Year’s! Expect traffic. Don’t let simple traffic or the lack of a cab ruin the night for you! If you want to bring her to a hotel, did you book it already?

I cannot tell you how many stories I’ve heard of a perfect evening gone wrong because of simple logistics. Iron it out thoroughly. If she has some friends, make sure the after party can accommodate them, but still have a plan for a more private place you can bring her to.

Here’s one last tip. If you do get to that point where you are going to take her home, give her a nice excuse to tell her friends. “I’m going to another party with (your name)”, is much easier than “ (your name) is taking me home”.

Another thing you can do is find an excuse to stop by your house. Tell her you need to pick up something and many times this does become the last destination. It’s all about being a gentleman- which means never putting her in an embarrassing situation. People call this being smooth, but really, it’s being considerate. Of course, it does help you out too.

To end…

Dating Tips for Men

So that’s it for your three tips, and I hope this does prepare you well for a memorable New Year’s Eve. You’ll steamroll into 2014 with a lot of momentum in your dating life.

Again, if this is something you feel we can help you more with, we would definitely love to share what we know. We’ve helped thousands of men in Singapore and around the world experience life-changing transformation in their dating lives, their social lives in general, and in overall self-development. We don’t teach men to pretend. We help them to become.

If $1,000 off is another incentive to help you make up your mind, then I hope you take advantage of this tomorrow.

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See you on the other side.

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