Asian Man’s Manifesto: How to Be a Sexually Attractive Asian Man–Adventurous and Easygoing (Part 4)

September 23, 2013

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This is Part 4 in a series. To read from Part 1 of this section on being adventurous and easygoing, click here. To read the Introduction to the Manifesto, click here.

Overcoming Fear

Often, adventure isn’t adventurous without some element of risk and fear. To become an adventurous person, you’ve got to get used to taking risks and overcoming your fear.

This risk-aversion and fearfulness often starts at a young age. Perhaps you never stayed out all night talking with friends on some dark playground in the middle of nowhere. Your parents simply wouldn’t allow it. You were too afraid to break curfew and face the consequences.

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But now you’re an adult. So just do it. Have an adventure and accept that the consequences will likely be worth it because you are going to have an adventure. And, you are going to show yourself that you are a rule-breaking adventurer.

Why is it so difficult for Asians to break the rules? How did this stereotype of the uptight Asian come about?

Challenges to developing your adventurous side will likely come from fear. Fear of what others might say, of course, but also simply your own natural fears. Let’s look at dealing with your fear.

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Start by identifying any specific fears you would like to overcome. Perhaps you are afraid of heights, and this has kept you from taking some small risks, like you couldn’t even go on the Ferris wheel at a local carnival. Now is the time to face this fear. Expose yourself to some heights that are safe but still cause you some anxiety and work on desensitizing yourself. For example, go to a tall building that has an observatory and look down for a long time. Work on forcing yourself to relax while you do it. If necessary, you can step away from the window, regain your calm, and then re-approach the window. Do this until you feel more comfortable with that height. Then next time, increase it. This is about having the willpower and desire to face your fears and overcome them instead of having them overcome you.

Another way of developing your adventurous side as a man is to engage in activities that are more masculine. Put down your iPad and your school books and get dirty. Spend some time in the forest doing physical, rough things. Learn how to fire a gun, or maybe go skydiving. Learn how to defend yourself with martial arts or weapons. Go dirt bike racing in the mountains. Activities like these will help you become more adventurous. The more you do these activities, the more your personality will be molded by those experiences.

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