Asian Man’s Manifesto: How to Become Sexually Attractive – Independence (Part 6/6)

April 08, 2014

Independence through Solitude and Physical Activity

A key step in developing that irresistibly sexy aura that comes from independence is by conditioning yourself to be comfortable in solitude.

Spend some quiet time alone, even if you are an extrovert. You can go to a crowded Starbucks, but be alone to reflect on your life.

Take some time out by yourself to reflect on what you really want in life and to just be with your thoughts.

In all of the busy-ness of modern life, especially if you live in a big city, you need to have this time to live as a fully actualised, fully empowered man.

Confidence with Women

Feeling confident in your own *physical* independence is also very important.

On the most basic level this means learning to live on your own. Once you have done that, you can look at survival skills. Can you swim? Start a fire in the jungle? Stay alive on your own? Learn how to drive a car and ride a motorcycle.

Life skills will make you feel more independent, and that will make you self-confident, self-reliant, and truly independent, emotionally and physically.

Any woman will be able to put her trust in you more easily when you are self-confident and physically independent.

To sum up this whole section on Independence, becoming an empowered Asian man means developing your own independence. Obviously you can have ambition. You can have goals for the future. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be content with where you’re at in life and who you are right now, today.

It means that you have to strive to find out what motivates you now and how you can be a better man now, while also working towards your future goals.

Once you have the self-confidence and independence that you need today, you can take on any challenge, any teasing, any uncomfortable situation, and emerge a stronger man.

You will become comfortable and easygoing. You will feel free to take risks. You’ll be independent and self-sufficient. And you’ll be a leader in your own life. This will prepare you to lead other people.

Unlike what tiger parents communicated to you, or your tiger society communicated to you, you are okay just as you are. And that’s the big secret to success in relationships and in society.

How to be Attractive to Women

You must first get to that most basic foundation, where you have accepted yourself and you have decided for yourself what you want from your life. Then you can develop independence and become an adventurer that every hot woman around you will be irresistibly attracted to.


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