How much Social Comfort is there?

How much Social Comfort is there? May 28, 2012 Living in Singapore for over two years, what has struck me as probably the most salient trait of Singaporean people in general, and young men in particular, is the lack of social comfort and the prevalence of social [...]

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How to Use Humor to Attract Women

How to Use Humor to Attract Women May 21, 2012 This is my latest article on Amped Asia. You can check out my article on“How to Use Humor to Attract Women” here. As always, comments are welcome! Question from Matthew: “Everyone knows that humor is a big attraction [...]

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Hello Social Retards

Hello Social Retards May 16, 2012 This is my recent article in Singapore’s I-S Magazine. The next article will be in the new issue hitting the newsstands this Friday. Get yours before they run out! “Hello, Social Retards!” by David Tian, Ph.D. Last weekend, I was partying at [...]

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