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“This course is ten thousand leagues under the sea.. in other words deeper than all fuck. I was very hopeful about the course but I had no real idea what I was going to encounter.

Ever since I took rock-solid relationships, I have learned quite a lot about myself, about my energy, my mind, etc..

I love the focus on Masculinity. I’m starting to wake up and want to work out… getting stuff done with purpose at work… being assertive and decisive at home…

As I went through RSR, my self-understanding grew considerably. One of the many insights I got from the meditations was that I found out that my wife does not think I can relate to her issues (anxiety and overall trauma from her crummy childhood) because I was a bully from my adolescences into early manhood. What I have been holding onto though is the fact that I was bullied on multiple occasions. I held onto these occasions and turned them into who I became. I chose my friends based on these occasions and made all my decisions based on them.

Now in my adult life, I had never truly played the hero… had never really crafted that warrior side of me… and then I was gutted that my wife felt I can’t relate to her… So the meditations on masculinity were a God send as I was able to open up to myself… to receive REAL forgiveness… to know that this isn’t who I am nor is it defining who I am… I am on the path of maturing the warrior, learning the way of the King, making this stuff disappear with positive reflective energy as the magician, and culminating my true self… the real true me into the lover, the real husband, father, and man that I am. Just a great thing I needed in my life. Thanks, David Tian thank you indeed.

Prior to beginning RSR, I would express trust verbally as a matter of fact and severely lacked in my displaying of respect for my wife. Showing my wife respect by being present with her — a key lesson in the first module of RSR — allowed her to feel more trusting in me. I believe these are symbiotic in that the more I display presence, the more she feels respected and thus more trusting of me. Typically in times of stress, I certainly learned from my father to avoid the storm the best I could to ride it out until it subsides. This displays no roots. I have not been rooted. I have been practicing the exercise of the course to display undivided attention and presence to my wife when storms surface, to extremely pleasant results.

In another of the amazing guided meditations, I found that my earliest memory was when my mom left me when I was young. The old interpretation was she didn’t want me and I really felt the abandonment, which leaked into all my serious relationships with women. This feeling of abandonment has been one of the core emotions I suppressed and have not allowed myself to feel, which led to me being avoidant. However, I also saw that my interpretation of the event, while valid, isn’t the complete picture. My mom had left to go to a foreign country so that I could have a better life. After doing the meditation, I feel much better afterward. Thank you, David Tian for making this possible.

The Rock Solid Relationships course is very comprehensive at least to me. This is an incredible program overall. Thanks again David Tian for creating this course! I’m about to rock leg day and do my dark side meditation. Go Warrior King!”—Brian H.

“The private group has been invaluable. The support from other men that have had similar stuff happen to them. Knowing that you’re not alone is one of the best positive feelings. I know other people enjoy what David Tian provides. It turned my life around. Helping me get to the root of my deepest issues. I have prepared me for being apart of my daughter’s life I haven’t seen in 11 years. I just wish I had more time be on here more often. To keep learning how to be a better happy person. I truly am happier with myself.” —Derek B.

“I am in one of David Tian paid courses full disclosure… and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made and found him by sheer miracle.” —David R Cheers

“The Rock Solid Relationships course is very comprehensive at least to me. This is a good program and I’m honored to be a part of the group.” —Andrew C.

“Thank you, David, I am grateful that I took your course. It is truly amazing what you’re trying to achieve here. I used to get so angry with you as you triggered those memories and emotions in me. But I see now that you only chose to do that, as you believe those emotions would help me. Through you, I have successfully freed myself, and I will continue to be freer. May we stay curious always brothers, for life is wonderful, and the pure existence of ourselves, that, is truly amazing.” —Sam L.

“I really would love to start off by saying that I am inspired by the Man Up YouTube channel you have created. With your help, I was able to break free from emotional abuse from my girlfriend by taking control of my issues and making myself a better person for me and no-one else. Since then I have never been in so much control of my own life and for the first time, I could say that I am proud of myself. I have pushed a lot of people away but the right ones came back, looking at me as their inspiration. Even my girl stopped talking to me for good but now she is eager to see my next achievement and is much more honest with me than ever before. I did all that with the help of self-awareness, and your input from Man Up videos.” —Albert Y.

“I have 5 years of Meditation experience, and when my friend tried to convince me of the effectiveness of David Tian’s courses, I was initially unconvinced.

That was until one day, in one of my meditations, like a stroke of insight, it occurred to me that Dave’s courses will help me significantly.

I don’t know how true this would be until I began the Platinum Partnership. Following his recommendations, I began completing the exercises David recommended me to complete, under Invincible and Rock Solid Relationships.

As I did these courses, my understanding of myself grew. The meditations were designed to bring out specific things in my subconscious, and my Meditation experience only enhanced the effectiveness of these therapeutic meditations. It helped me clarify what I truly found important to me, and showed me that ultimately, my concerns for whether others approved of me, whether I had friends, or even whether I would get a girlfriend, were all irrelevant questions. Ultimately, the source of happiness lies within, and what matters is being true to yourself, always acting out of your own goodwill.

And this was just from the first module of Invincible, where I visualized my own future.

From RSR Module 1, I learned about the Hierarchy of Needs, the importance of staying rooted in relationships, of Presence, and the importance of selecting the right partner. Right from the get-go, the Needs Hierarchy put into words what I already begun noticing was the case from my own Meditation. It gave me a framework from which I could understand myself better, and the body engagement only helped solidify and internalize my own understanding of myself. It has also given me a means through which I can better understand others and their hierarchy of needs based on how they act from day-to-day life, and helped me become more aware of when I am being needy.

With the understanding of Presence (which I realise I have already been doing to a certain extent before), I learned how to use it more often in my day to day life, to understand better how others feel. I learned to trust my emotional feeling and “reads” of other people, and to let my subconscious do what it feels is right. The understanding of Presence together with the Needs framework has helped me understand the peers in my workplace, whether they are needy or not, with Presence helping me understand what is the best way to help them.

This understanding has helped me significantly in reducing the ease by which I may feel needy, and helped me understand the conditions by which I begin to feel needy. For this I am very thankful for this Module, as it has equipped me with the knowledge to truly change my life.

It also helped that the video after these was on experiencing the dark side, the Warrior energy within myself, the part of myself that wished to protect others. This helped me channel my mind better into being more assertive when needed.

Next was Module 2, where my greatest takeaway was the powerful Warrior, Magician, Lover, King Meditation. I shared about this in the RSR group, but it is something that bears repeating. This Meditation gave me a way to attribute certain parts of my body with each of these identities, allowing me to channel their strength easily when needed. I use the Warrior quite often to give myself energy to do what needs to be done, the Magician for perspective, and the Lover and King to ground myself.

Currently I am on Module 5 of Invincible, learning about Limiting Beliefs. I can already see how much this will soon change me, and I just want to say Thank you to David who has helped me significantly.” —Yong Chun

“Since I have been in the program and have discovered David Tian and his teachings. I’m truly become a new person. In every aspect of my life. —Derek B.

“Today I’ve decided to write a transparent, long, reflective review of the experiences and results I had with invincible course over the past four weeks. This is probably the longest post that I’ve ever written about my personal story. I want to share the mistakes, experience, results that I gained from invincible course because I don’t normally write and express my feelings to people that I don’t know well.

“I’m naturally an introvert person that doesn’t like to mingle with people in most settings, I also felt a lot of pressure when I wanted to make new friends. A few years ago, I experienced a traumatic event, I didn’t share with anyone, so I decided to keep quiet, and thought that I didn’t have the will and power to change anything. I always stayed at home, played video games and suffered depression and social anxiety for many years.

“I lost interest in literally everything I liked to do before. (reading, bodybuilding, running, singing, playing piano and guitar). I also flunked my university studies for 2 years, and not willing to appeal for a second chance or share about my anxiety problems. I thought that I was doomed to become a failure in the future.

“Before I knew about David Tian and his youtube videos, I made some of my friends who dated a lot of girls, and usually party every Saturday night in Singapore, I was kind of envious about their lifestyle and the “game” they use to attract women into their life. So I applied its tactics to the girls and gained short-term pleasures from achieving the successful results. I felt like shit and of course, more depressed, more anxious and more miserable, some girls thought I’m a weirdo.

“Long stories short, I was being too NEEDY, unauthentic, evil NARCISSISTIC or whatever you can call. I felt like crap especially giving too much f*ck about what to say to the girls and friends, and even to my family as well. I’m also lazy as f*ck, and unmotivated to do anything to change myself.

Four weeks ago, I happened to find David Tian’s invincible course, mainly the course is about conquered the needy behavior first, finding the values and principles, which I can never find from PUA’s stuff.

“So, for the first week, I spent mostly 4-5 hours per day to watch module 1, searching for the flows, understanding the principle of non-neediness. I always reflect on the inner flow and non-neediness behavior every day.

“Everything in my life changes radically when I integrated the non-neediness behavior and state of flow in my mind. My socializing skill improved tremendously, I can talk to friends without any hesitation (worrying about what lines to use) and initiate communication with strangers easily. I can run 5km within 30min every day as long as I focus on finding the inner flows in my body. I become more sincere and open-minded, I share what I learn from reading with my friends every day. I also keep a journey every day, to reflect on the things I am grateful for every day. Most unexpected thing was that I never knew I could do public speaking. My persuasion skills and writing skills also improved a lot from building the flows organically into my mind and body.

“Sometimes, my friends are not happy with their lives, so I share them with my own principle and reflections about my past mistakes and experiences. I engage a lot of deeper conversations with my friends and avoid small talks. My friends are much happier to be by my side every time. They find that I’m a detailed and helpful person too. Most importantly is that I’m having fun myself all the time! I made my friends laugh at my jokes too. It’s happened so sudden without being so conscious. I never know I could tell jokes that make people laugh crazily. It was then again, I realized how the adoption of flow changed my behavior and the behavior of the people around me.

“Thank you David Tian for being my mentor, without your free videos, I wouldn’t have discovered you and my life would still remain the same. Invincible course is one of the best investment I’ve made in my life. I wish to meet you humbly in person in the future, as I want to learn more about ancient Chinese philosophy from you. That will be one of the best days happened. 🙂

“Like always, Good luck to my invincible brothers on achieving your goals in life! — feeling blissful.” —Vincent V.

“Dear David, thank you! For the first time in my life after going through invincible, I feel like the real me and like I let the true man inside me out. It has made a difference even just walking around noticing all the girls noticing me. The confidence I exude when I talk to women after being an introvert all my life is huge and going out with the different women and doing things faster and farther than I’ve ever done in my life is awesome. Thank you again for this it was totally worth it.”—Steve M.

“I just took a look at my entrance survey of invincible that I did. It sounds unbelievable to me that I adopted or changed probably 90% of the behaviour I wanted to. In my daily life, I also come very often to the feeling of how I wished people would perceive me before and after an interaction. Wtf?! I knew change can happen, but this fast? I’m talking about 3 1/2 months. I can’t wait to re-do the exercises of invincible to intensify the experience and progress. Thank you, David, for building the program so wisely and powerful.”—Andre K.

“Dear David, I wanted to let you know how completing invincible has changed my life. Well, it absolutely has, I realized I have been carrying around things for 40 years that have been holding me back well no more as of today I am free of them and continuing on as an invincible man. thank you, thank you for everything.”—Steve

“Dear David, thank you! For the first time in my life after going through invincible, I feel like the real me and like I let the true man inside me out. It has made a difference even just walking around noticing all the girls noticing me. The confidence I exude when I talk two women after being an introvert on my life is huge and going out with the different women and doing things faster and farther than I’ve ever done in my life is awesome. Thank you again for this it was totally worth it.”—Steve M.

“I’ve just completed the Invincible course in its entirety and have been looking forward to sending you this email with my feedback and personal story.

Prior to coming across your work, I was operating at a fairly advanced level with attracting women. I had the sort of success with women many guys couldn’t relate to as I devoted the last 10 years to understanding, attracting and seducing women. In social circles, I was considered a skilled “PUA” and was sought after by many men who wanted to improve with women. My foray into attraction started before Neil Strauss’ book ‘The Game’ was published, and it wasn’t long before I found myself contributing to Mystery’s pickup forum and coaching men.

The net result of this learned skill led me to date someone who most would’ve thought was out of my league as she was a 6’0″, 22-year-old blonde fashion model, and I was a 5’9″ skinny 35-year-old Asian dude. I never felt she was outside my wheelhouse as I was dating models, strippers, doctors, scientists, CEO’s prior — profiles of which are out of reach for the average male.

However, my failed relationship goes to show you to that no matter how skilled you are in dating and attraction, it’s easy to become complacent; neediness can easily creep in, and before you know it, unattractive behavior on your part ensues. My entire self-worth as a man was attached to dating this young model (as she represented my ideal), and when the relationship went south, so did my ego and self-worth. Looking back, it was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, as it presented a massive wake up call that I needed to get this area of my life handled.

In the following 9 months, I aggressively made drastic changes and my life has never been the same. I studied Buddhism, Taoism, Stoic philosophy, studied historical figures like Marcus Aurelius, Julius Caesar, read ‘The Way of the Superior Man’ by David Deida, learned to meditate and being present. I joined a gym and trained 3 days a week, I became selective with the food I was eating, and it wasn’t long after before I defeated my Goliath, the demon that’s kept me in a bottomless pit for many years — I overcame my fight with severe depression and anxiety and got off the pills, once and for all.

It wasn’t when I decided to commit to completing Invincible that things elevated. The guided meditation exercise to alleviate your limiting beliefs was the game changer for me. Despite the fact that I’ve dated around 100 western women from all countries around the world, I still hold a strong limiting belief that western ‘roundeye’ women don’t fancy Asian men, particularly the 9s and 10s of the world. I barely dropped a tear at my father’s funeral, but the guided meditation to overcome your limiting belief made me weep like never before — and thanks to you David, I’m proud to say that this is no longer a concern.

It took me longer than I expected to complete your course because I re-watched the videos countless times, wrote a copious amount of notes and ingrained the principles you taught into my subconscious.

This time last year, I was incredibly miserable with the thoughts of suicide bouncing in my mind. Now today as I’m writing this 10 months later
, I have a big smile on my face — I’ve sorted myself out and today am happy and fulfilled even without a woman — something I thought I’d never been able to say. My values and purpose in life have been re-established, and today I operate a property development business and co-founded a tech-startup all in the space of 3 months.

You’re a good man David, thank you for your valued contribution to this world and the positive influence you’ve had in my life.

Let me know if you ever make it to Melbourne, Australia, I’d love to buy you a few drinks and thank you personally.”—Dave K.

“A few minutes ago, I officially consider myself a graduate of Invincible. I finished the last guided meditation. It has been an amazing journey. The last 1.5 months of my life has been incredible. My friends are now asking me how its possible I’m doing so much. Well, I can tell you the inner mindset changes from Invincible has been getting me to do all of this without burning out. Its quite the opposite, actually! After every guided meditation, my vision burns more clearly, and I gain more energy and confidence in pursuing my ideal self and never going back to my old ways.—James J.

“Thank you, David, I am grateful that I have met you. It is truly amazing what you’re trying to achieve here. I used to get so angry with you as you triggered those memories and emotions in me. But I see now that you only chose to do that, as you believe those emotions would help me. I am not free, Yet, but I am getting closer and developing myself every day.—Sam L.

“I think every guy should be involved in these programs. To be honest I tell everyone about you and what you do for men. Seriously life changing. Things just keep happening to me now. That I would never expect. Everyone at my work just seems to adore me now. Even the lady that pretty much hated me. She almost bends over backward for me. I don’t even ask her to do anything. The owners are always coming and joking with me. Everywhere I go people want to give me things for free. I’m humble though and do not take everything given. I have only scratched the surface of your teachings. This is what is happening. All these new friends. This is the best time my life. Thank you.—Derek B.

“Man, I just wanted to let you know you’ve changed my life. I’m doing things now that I never even dared to dream about three years ago, and I’m thinking about things in such a healthier, fulfilling way. You’re a life saver and a fucking legend, thanks, David.—Omar Mo.

“Hey, guys. I’ve been a part of the man up group for a short while now. I’ve learned and progressed a lot in this time… I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support and guidance that David, and the others in the Man Up group.I have progressed so much in this short time, and I hope to continue. I’m grateful for the knowledge that David is so willing to share to help us. Otherwise, I would be stuck on the same rollercoaster of destruction and heartbreak with this woman. So, huge thanks to David!—Tristan S.

“Since I was old enough to be conscious of what a “relationship” is, I’ve wondered why many of the relationships I’ve been in, or observed, have sometimes seemed lifeless. Or, worse, were clearly toxic (by almost any subjective or objective standard).

“I’ve been looking for “the answers.”

“I finally found David Tian, about a year ago, and have been working hard (several hours a day) through his courses, meditations, and exercises.

“From him, I’ve learned that all of the ancient philosophers, for thousands of years, have been trying to figure out “the answers” – how the true self gets buried by society and dogmatic institutions, how to recover it, and how to live life in the most meaningful and fulfilling way possible.

“I’ve learned that meditation is not just a practice to get one to “relax,” it’s an ancient practice, developed over thousands of years, that calms the “thinking” part of your mind (the prefrontal cortex, for my fellow science geeks) so it gets the rest it needs. And that it also allows the deeper stuff (in the “emotional” parts of your brain the stuff that is actually driving your life) to be brought to the surface (“thinking” part of the brain”) so it can be dealt with and you can lead your daily life with much more purpose and a sense of calm.

“Maybe most importantly, I’ve learned there are a lot of extremely useful “frameworks” (created by philosophers of all stripes, Buddhists, Christians, Atheists, you-name-it over the centuries you can use to clarify your true self, life purpose, and values.

“I’m grateful that he made this video. I’ve been trying to share how important and helpful he is with many of you for about a year now, often (it seems) in a not-so-effective manner.

“So here it is, in his own words.

“If you are interested in him, and the products from his company (Aura Transformation), just ask. I’ll try to ONLY answer what you ask :D.

“Oh…and NEVER FEAR…I haven’t lost my wicked, dry sense of humor.

“Peace.”—Greg Van.

“Hi, David. Big fan of your Man Up episodes – learned a lot from you about long-term happiness & fulfillment in life. Thanks! I used to be a typical achiever/pleaser “nice guy” who fails to recognize & acknowledge my own shortcomings. I came to realize this only recently, however, through your videos & learning from the Man Up group.—Tony.

“Hey David, I found your videos on FB and have watched every one of them. I am a member of the group.  Recently my life came apart when my wife of 8 years told me she didn’t love me anymore. What how can this be? Then I found myself acting like a little punk to her texting every day chasing, chasing, chasing… It made things worse… I couldn’t understand. Then I saw your videos. It was like getting hit by lightning. I had been friend zoned… I am a very muscular handsome guy. I had just lost my edge. I had been her bitch constantly chasing her false morality… Well, we are divorced… Your help pulled me out of this fog. I am back to my old self. Confident. And even though I’m alone right now I’m living a great life. I live in the mountains of North Carolina. And am noticing women are attracted to me… I had traded my masculinity for her approvals… David, thank you! I’m back!—Duran D.

“Hey David, the reason I’m following you is because the videos that you posted (episodes) is really inspirational. It points out all the wrong things that I’m doing in life so I can better myself.—Jon Jones.

“I’m having a similar experience in the program. It’s so deep, and so useful, and has pushed me to new heights. Repetition is part of the key for sure. So good!!—Jared Jensen.

“Oh, David Tian. What do you do to us haha 🙂

I’ve repeated the Inner Child Meditation and the 3D Trauma process yesterday. I don’t know why, but I had to cry even before something happened in the Inner Child Meditation. This is such an experience.. the 3D trauma process was even deeper and I had to cry even more. And it really cleans my pipes somehow and relieves something within me. It feels really good. And today I started out with Module 7. For me the most INTENSE information so far. I can understand why you keep this information to a later point of the program because it is INDEED a very vulnerable and complicated topic.
Could be that I would just have shut down a few weeks ago and just didn’t hear what you say because it would have been too “forbidden” for me to think about these topics. I am a little bit confused now, but I assume… this is good and normal when you open your history in this way.

David, I am very grateful for this experience you give us here. I learn so much these days, it’s CRAZY. I see so much more things that happened to me when I was a young boy, this is so cool! I am in personal development for over 12 years now and I have never experienced such a deep level of heart-openness in such a short period of time.

You do great work, David. It’s really worth the money. Please continue.”—Armin He

“First of all, to David Tian Ph.D., I can’t thank you enough man. The Scrooge process is so so so incredible. I went all out in my car and I could feel a noticeable change in my body and mind. I walk differently, I think differently, and I react differently. I do feel INVINCIBLE.—Tango Nov

“Hi David, your first story about yourself … how you got cheated on by someone you loved, and how you changed your own life. That personal story meant more to me than pretty much anything else you said. Yeah, everything you teach is important, but your personal story was what made me want to listen to you in the first place.”—William Blesch

“Hey David, thank you for being brutally honest. It helps men including myself re-think and reflect who is the man in the mirror. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned from you is to have confidence in who you are as a man. You helped me realize that you don’t have to be the sexiest, smartest or best dressing guy in the room to attract women. As long as you show that confidence in who you are, what you bring to the table and stand your ground, women will see that and will respect you. When men start getting into a people-pleasing mentality or a man that tries to fit in with everybody else, it starts peeling away from who they really are.”—Francis Tam

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned from you, David, is the importance of having values and standards when it comes to relationships. Knowing how to kill neediness has been a huge help in being attractive.”—Ming Han Soh

“I gave this some deep thought… so here goes.
What I’ve learned from you David, I’ve learned a major understanding to love and lust also I’ve diminished a lot of my neediness I carry myself more appropriate behavior which has been great, I have random people whether at the store buying groceries or out n daily public random folks begin conversation or topics out of blue n a friendly manner which I carry conversation very well. Also I’ve learned to really qualified lady’s and see many of the red flags that has helped me to avoid women which before I would have been involved with before now I navigate the crazies and can seek out quality..not that I don’t have more to learn and grow from I must say though thank you David for setting me on this path I’ve matured and grown much! Thank you, David.”
—Jason Cuevas

“I thought I knew a good amount of information about dating and women because I have a bachelor in human services and currently working on my master. Truth is I don’t. I am humbled and open to learning.”—Hugo Velasco

“For me the strong points were what you taught above love and attraction…and shattering the myths that I always thought was true…keep shattering those lies or myths….it has kept me free of the do more trap, it is a lot of self-work to change my brain chemistry and solidify the pathways that have been so ingrained from childhood…it will take time and effort to rewire my brain in order to see the true person that I am and accept myself for all that I truly am and grow from there.”—Fila Calientez

“Whenever I have a question I find that you have already answered it, directly or indirectly in a blog post, a ManUp episode, a comment or a conference/podcast. So keep the awesome work Master David :muscle: .”—Alvaro Mendoza

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned and worked through it still is how co-dependent neediness is a symptom of deeper psychological issues that need to be addressed for your True self to come out. How living in co-dependence is, in fact, living out of false selves that try to please others or achieve in order to get love. The road out of false selves and to True self by cultivating self-love and a consistent self-care routine, in addition to psychotherapy, has been a recommendation by David Tian that is slowly transforming my life.”—Alan Mattei

“Accept the high probability of losing everything in life, even my life itself, and use all creative skills in this situation. This lesson is not directly related to dating but it helps in all fields of my life, not just limited in dating.”—Kimball Phan

“David! Just been watching your keynote on The reality of women, sex and relationships. Awesome stuff. I came across your work during a pretty dark time in my life. I’m not exactly out if it yet, but just wanted to say thank you, man! You have helped me work through some very troubling times.”—Bill Russell

“I just wanted to show my appreciation and thanks for the way you have changed my life for the better. I follow and implement everything You say and you have no idea how much it has helped me.”—Matt Poland

“I just thought I’d post here that I am almost through module 1 of Invincible. The information, guidance, and thought-provoking material already presented is almost overwhelming. But, I was happier today than I have been in a long time. It is really interesting to feel a slight mental change. Today, I didn’t look at much outside of myself. It is fun and exciting. Eight weeks of this should prove very, very productive. Be great!”—Cory Wilkins

“Hello David, in these videos you are showing me an amazing stuff, really. Every day all people changing. And with your help, I started to communicate with other peoples who I have never seen before, and every day I learn some new social skills.Yesterday i was in a bar, and i met a new girl, and i was able to use a desire system and how to talk with her.Thanks for your videos.You are the best teacher.Im waiting for the other amazing videos.Have a nice day!”—David Kovacs

“You’re already making the world here in the Washington DC area a better place. As I come across people who are interested in why male / female relationships fail, if they seem interested, I share your name and links to your Aura site and free materials. The lady I just talked to in our apartment management office was nearly in tears just hearing me describe the basic stuff I’ve already learned because she was so grateful just to “understand why” her past relationships have failed (I share your stuff with women and men because clearly, it will help anyone who is intelligent). I’ll figure out how to afford and take the Invincible course soon. Cheers.”—Greg Vanderberg

“Hello David Tian, just wanted to give big thanks and shout out for all the great material you provided us with. These past weeks have been life-changing for me, not just in my love life but in general. Cus of your tips I stopped my bad habits of wasting time and started on a journey full of new experiences. I have even started my own online business. So thank you so much, best regards.”—Malik K.

“Thank you for all you did for me. I’m getting married next month due to all I learned from you.. thank you. If you ever need me to be on the show to let the world know your real. I would be honored.”—Aldo Serrano

“I love your advice about energy and vibe because all my life I’ve been quite an emotional vampire that needs other people to cheer me up. Now I’m more in control of my mood, cheering myself up using hip-hop music or YouTube videos so I can contribute more energy to my interactions with others, and I’ve seen nothing but positive feedback from my friends.”—Hadian P.

“Hey, David! I have had you as a mentor now in my life for a little over a month. I want to say for starters, I see you are a man of great value, and you inspire me to be a better person. You’re fucking awesome! I want my life to surrounded by people like you!”—Richard Roman

“After watching and implementing your free content leading up to Limitless, I went out to the club to apply it. Later in the evening, I was on the dance floor and got a tap on the shoulder. I turned around to a beautiful blonde woman staring into my eyes. She told me “I love you”.

How could I not buy your course after this? I’ve never had something feel so effortless. Regards.”—Richard Roman

“I’ve watched a few of you videos and I’ve learned a lot about many different things. They have helped me open my eyes to many different things especially how to fix relationship problems even the most simple ones. Just knowing the information you have thought me might help save my relationship with the woman of my dreams.—codywheeler269@gmail.com